PORT YARIMCA, which has an area of 235.000 m² in Kocaeli's Körfez district, implemented jointly with OYAK and NYK Group, one of the world's leading automotive logistics providers, is a Ro-Ro Port investment that is the export and import gate of international automobile brands. In addition, it is the largest 100% automotive-oriented port project in its field, established for the first time in Turkey with a global Ro-Ro operator partner. PORT YARIMCA, which can serve 2 PCC ships with a capacity of 9.000 CEU at the same time, has an annual handling capacity of 780.000 vehicles. With its modern and strong technology infrastructure at international standards, Turkey's largest indoor parking lot, indoor PDI area and experienced team, it serves the automotive industry and aims to change the route of automotive logistics in intermodal transportation, with service quality at international standards.

  • Respect for People, Diversity and Participation
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • High Occupational Safety and Security
  • Customer Satisfaction and Sustainable Quality
  • Social Responsibility and Green Port Approach
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Thanks to our corporate structure and culture built on our core values, we offer safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly services to our customers in the port management and automotive logistics sectors in which we operate; To be one of the world's preferred leading companies in Ro-Ro port management, contributing to the country's economy and its stakeholders.


On our path with the slogan "Door of Automotive Logistics Opening to the World", we aim to be an international brand that ensures the absolute satisfaction of our employees and all our stakeholders by being among the world's leading Ro-Ro port operators in port management and automotive logistics services.