To ensure operational quality and sustainability, it is to employ the most suitable candidates, starting with the recruitment process, and to ensure that the employed candidates are retained to the company with the best employee experience practices, while ensuring their development through regular trainings


In our recruitment process, competency-based interviews, assessment center applications, personality inventories and foreign language tests are applied in line with the aim of placing the right candidate in the right position and bringing new talents to our company.


Training needs that emerge as a result of training needs analyzes and employee demands are realized by using internal and external resources within a certain plan. The effectiveness of the trainings is measured and necessary actions are taken. Our trainings take place under the following main headings


  • Orientation / On-the-Job Trainings
  • Vocational / Technical Trainings
  • Personal Development Trainings
  • HSE Trainings

With the performance management system, it is tried to ensure harmony between the goals of the organization and the individual goals of our employees. The performances of our employees are evaluated systematically and fairly with transparent criteria. As a result of the performance evaluation, the development areas of our employees are determined and the practices required for their development are continued.


By identifying the high potential of our employees with talent management, career and development plans are made with tools such as training, rotation and promotion in this direction.


As a result of job evaluation, a wage scale is created in accordance with the levels of the positions, and justice and equity are prioritized.


In January every year, wage increases are applied based on the country and sector wage markets in accordance with the positions and performances of the employees.


If you would like to be a part of our company, you can apply to our postings published on and LinkedIn platforms.