As the Top Management of our organization, we commit to supporting and sustaining the establishment and implementation efforts of the Integrated Management System including ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety), ISO 10002 (Customer Satisfaction), and ISO 27001 (Information Security). We pledge to provide and maintain all necessary resources and support within the scope of 'Customer Focus' in both internal and external processes of our organization, aligned with the needs and expectations of customers and relevant parties, to preserve and enhance desired outputs.


Along with this commitment:


We assure compliance with the applicable requirements of the Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 45001:2018; ISO 10002:2018; and ISO 27001:2013) standards. To enhance the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, we commit to establishing the structure of resources accountable for it, ensuring compliance with transition requirements, aligning with our organization's strategic plans and internal/external contexts, formulating objectives within the framework of Integrated Management System Policies, and creating a Management Systems team. To foster leadership among all departmental heads, we aim to replace the concept of 'departmental managers' with 'departmental leaders', promoting understanding and adoption. We plan to support the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System by providing process owners with planned training sessions on 'Change Management', 'Risk-Based Thinking', fostering and ensuring the understanding and adoption of leadership principles, thereby enhancing the significance and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System. Encouraging departmental leaders to promote the improvement of the Integrated Management System within their areas of responsibility, backed by support from top management. Ensuring the adequacy of internal audit questions to guarantee the complete alignment of our organizational business processes with the Integrated Management System requirements, doubling the internal audit personnel to enhance cross-audit effectiveness. Provision of necessary resources for achieving the desired outputs of the Integrated Management System, preparation of assignment and deployment letters, and defining roles and responsibilities of the Management Systems team through job descriptions and assignment letters. Under the framework of Human Resources Management, it is our significant and primary commitment to integrate employees possessing leadership qualities contributing to the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System into our organization. Our organization, with a mission and vision to continually support, encourage, and explain the goals of the Integrated Management System related to Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Handling Customer Complaints, and Customer Satisfaction, continuously encourages and supports all departmental leaders and staff through continuous internal and external training.


The establishment and execution of an effective Integrated Management System are crucial concerning our primary goal of customer satisfaction. Achieving customer satisfaction is directly proportional to identifying, understanding, and fulfilling the needs and expectations of not only customers but all relevant parties with whom our organization communicates.


EIn this regard, documented information has been created and implemented to demonstrate how the needs and expectations of relevant parties are identified and fulfilled for the purpose of enhancing and ensuring customer satisfaction. (Stakeholder Needs and Expectations Tracking and Communication Table)


All activities aimed at increasing, securing, and maintaining customer satisfaction have been elaborated within the 'Customer Relationship Management' process.

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It is to ensure customer satisfaction by carrying out all our operations in targeted quality, at the planned time, within the foreseeable budget without errors.


In line with this principle;


We aim to be a leader in our sector by using the right method, equipment and workforce in our activities in order to enable the employees of our organization to work in a team spirit and to instill the awareness that they themselves affect the quality at all levels of the operations carried out.


In line with our aim;


  • We are committed to providing reliable operational services based on customer focus and leadership elements that meet customer expectations by using emerging and up-to-date technologies with the organization's vision, mission and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System;
  • Identifying preventive and improving approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our business processes through the self-evaluation process;
  • Increasing the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete at the international level in line with the continuous improvement approach;
  • Developing competencies that will increase customer satisfaction and contribute to the development of Integrated Management Systems by selecting, evaluating, hiring and continuously training employees capable of meeting customer requirements;
  • Complying with legal legislation and other liability requirements in all our activities;
  • Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, promoting leadership, and carrying out trainings to increase technical and behavioural competencies;
  • Carrying out studies that will improve our capabilities in order to be a leading and exemplary organization in terms of quality in our sector by managing all our activities in an integrated manner together with Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management Systems.
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As an organization, we direct our work in order to minimize the environmental impacts caused by all our activities and to contribute to the protection of the environment and to create a healthy and safe working environment based on the concept of "sustainable development".


We systematically improve ourselves to ensure healthy and safe working conditions by detecting the environmental impacts, occupational accident and occupational disease risks that may result from our activities in advance, minimizing the possibilities and effectively reducing these risks with the participation of our employees.


In line with this aim;


  • We are committed to complying with all legal legislation and other obligations related to Occupational Health Safety and Environment within our sector,
  • Creating, implementing and continuously improving Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management Systems,
  • Ensuring as much recovery as possible by reducing waste resulted from our organization at the source,
  • Maximizing the efficiency of our organization by following the developing technologies,
  • Minimizing natural resource use as a result of our continuous improvement efforts,
  • Raising awareness of occupational health safety and environment issues for all our employees and all individuals and companies who we are affiliated with,
  • Establishing and continuously improving the Integrated Management System that prevents all occupational accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damages and inconveniences,
  • Monitoring our organizational objectives with regular audits by creating measurable performance indicators,
  • Creating a supportive organizational culture that requires visible leadership and clear responsibility,
  • Spreading the awareness that all employees can achieve the specified objectives with their safe behaviour and contributions by communicating effectively with our stakeholders.
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It commits to taking all necessary steps to implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve Information Security in our organization.


The following principles are adopted in our processes regarding Information Security Management;


  • It attaches importance to ensuring the safety of the activities related to the products and services it provides to its customers and stakeholders.
  • It is aimed to be integrated, harmonious and balanced with business processes. The integrated and dynamic business strategy requires the security and continuity of information assets.
  • It adopts the principle of taking precautions against risks that threaten the privacy, integrity and accessibility of products and services that provide value to customers and stakeholders.
  • Information security targets that are compatible with this policy and the purpose of the organization are determined, and continuous improvement opportunities are evaluated by measuring compliance at regular intervals.


Information security is possible by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets.


Our organization aims to carry out information security studies for the following purposes without compromising the above-mentioned principles.


  • The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is planned, carried out and developed in accordance with the internationally adopted [ISO7IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System] standard.
  • It performs the necessary work to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, including the Law on Protection of Personal Data. The internal audit required for the continuous improvement of ISMS, the review of management, corrective actions and the necessary steps to determine risks and opportunities are provided by the teams that management gives responsibility for information security. All roles and responsibilities related to Information Security are determined and authorizations are made by management.
  • Within the framework of the Information Security Management system, resources are provided by the management to carry out the necessary work.
  • Together with its stakeholders, material and non-material losses that may adversely affect the competitive advantage of the organization are prevented.
  • The scope of the Information Security Management System is determined by the management in accordance with business strategies by determining information assets, evaluating the information security expectations of relevant parties such as customers, suppliers and business partners, and evaluating legal and contractual obligations, if any.
  • In order to manage information security risks, risk assessment, risk analysis and risk processing studies are carried out, necessary measures are developed and studies are carried out to prevent possible risks.
  • All information, including personal data of customers and stakeholders, is prevented from falling into the hands of unauthorized persons.
  • End-user information security awareness is ensured and this awareness is ensured to be continuously increased.
  • By effectively managing Information Security, the damages that may occur due to information security are minimized.
  • Necessary studies are carried out to reduce the possibility of an information security violation, and if it occurs, a coordinated response is given.
  • Necessary arrangements are made to prevent interruptions in critical business processes, and if they are not prevented, they are made functional again within the targeted recovery time.
  • Within the scope of the Information Security Management System, the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our customers' information assets are ensured. Critical business processes are made continuous with the customer.
  • The Information Security Management System is continuously improved.
  • Necessary measures are taken to ensure security in in-house working areas such as safe working areas, archive rooms, system rooms and around the organization.
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Our main goal is to meet the wishes and expectations of all relevant parties, especially our customers, and to continuously improve customer satisfaction. In line with this goal;


As a customer satisfaction policy, we consider each feedback that reaches us through different communication channels as a gift.


  • Our Customer Satisfaction Management System is managed in accordance with the following principles.
  • Accessibility,
  • Objectivity,
  • Monitorability,
  • Accountability,
  • Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements,,
  • Compliance with financial, operational and corporate requirements,
  • Compliance with feedbacks from customers and interested parties,


In this direction, we are committed to continuously improving our sensitivity in solving complaints, following customer complaints until all reasonable solutions come to an end or customer satisfaction is achieved, controlling our performance with specified indicators, making a sustainable improvement and taking a customer satisfaction-oriented approach without compromising the principles of TS ISO 10002:2018.

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It is to ensure that the most suitable candidates are employed starting from the selection and placement process for the provision and sustainability of operational quality, that the employed candidates are developed with regular trainings on the one hand, and on the other hand, that they are connected to the company with the best employee experience practices.


Under the roof of our organization, each individual is equal to each other regardless of language, religion, race, gender, political and other views and national and social origin within the framework of our Human Resources Policy. All our employees have the right to express their wishes and needs provided that they are sensitive to the rights and freedoms of others and do not threaten these rights and freedoms. Everyone has the freedom to maintain their life, freedom and personal safety. In this context, our employees are assured that they have not been subjected to any form of torture (physical or psychological), that they have not been subjected to rude, inhuman and/or degrading behavior or punishment, and that they have all legal and constitutional rights to remedy this grievance if otherwise..


In line with our aim;


  • Competency-based interviews, evaluation center applications, personality inventories and foreign language tests are applied to place the candidate in the right position in our recruitment process and to bring new talents to our company.
  • Training needs analyses and training requirements resulting from employee demands are carried out using internal and external resources within a specific plan. The effectiveness of the trainings carried out is measured and the necessary actions are taken. The trainings of employees for the development of both their professional knowledge and skills and personal competencies are carried out within the framework of the principle of equality.
  • With the Performance Management System, it is tried to harmonization between the objectives of the organization and the individual goals of our employees. The performance of our employees is evaluated systematically and fairly with transparent criteria. As a result of the performance evaluation, the development areas of our employees are identified and the necessary applications are maintained for their development..
  • By identifying the high potential in our employees with Skill Management, career and development planning is made with tools such as training, rotation and promotion..
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